motivational stock music

Looking for copyright free music

Inspiring is a classy sounding inspirational track ideal for corporate business presentations, films, animations, videos on youtube, vimeo Wistia etc.


It contains a modern driving beat, acoustic guitar, piano and guitar harmonics.


It is ideal for videos, films, presentations as well as many other productions.


It's uplifting, upbeat, positive and inspires and makes the listener feel good!


If you are looking for a piece of copyright free music for your next piece of communication, then you can check this out at the link below. You can purchase a license that will allow you to use it. Check out the different licenses depending on whether you are using it for a presentation or for a broadcast purpose.


Inspiring is a piece of stock music and is avaiilable to purchase from $19 below for use in your next film, television programme or use on social media and the internet.


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