Stock music for film, television, radio and web.

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Ice cool music for film, tv, radio and web

Production Music

At GT Music we focus on creating fantastic, emotional music for your next production. We have a range of relevant stock music tracks that can be used in advertising, film, television or your next video or animation for youtube or Vimeo.


Check out some of the highlights from our royalty free portfolio further down this page.


You can also check out our royalty free music track portfolio available through Audiojungle.


We hope you enjoy our work and look forward to hearing one of our tunes on your next production!


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We are continually producing more music in a variety of genres to add to the portfolio. We produce all tracks in our in-house recording studio using a variety of high quality microphones and outboard processors on a Digital Audio Workstation. We have a range of plug-ins for our Apple Mac Pro and are continually expanding our sample library to provide the latest, up to date sounds.


We endeavour to always reach the highest standard of production and strive to provide music which really works in productions and engages your audience. Some of the names we use to create the tracks are Neve, Audient, Apogee, Audio Technica, Universal Audio and Waves. As these names suggest, we are passionate about our music and always looking to stay abreast of the latest trends in music production. The music aways comes first though and these are all tools to capture the performance, the melody and the hook!

You'll find our stock music ideal for videos on youtube, Vimeon and Wistia. Additionally, our music is ideal as background tracks in television, radio and for advertisements. Many of our clients also use our music in business presentations and in specific events and we think we will have a track suitable for your purpose in our portfolio.


Our stock tracks are available for a small fee which will vary slightly at times depending on the scale of your production. For example, it will be cheaper to buy a production that is to be used on a one-off basis as opposed to licensing a piece of work that will perhaps be played several times on television. Check out the tracks below to find out individual details on these licensing arrangements. We hope you enjoy brows ing the site and thanks for stopping by!


  • Inspire


    Inspiring tracks.

    Our newest tune!

    Latest stock track

  • Romantic stock tracks

    wedding stock music

    Romantic tracks that convey emotion.

    Perfect to commemorate a special day or person.

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  • Inspirational stock tunes

    inspirational track

    Music for corporate presentations and productions.

    Tracks that convey real emotion.

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  • Celebratory compositions

    Upbeat music

    Happy, uplifting tracks.

    Listen to our upbeat song Brand New Day.

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  • Motivational music

    Upbeat tune

    Powerful rock tracks.

    Real emotion in the rock track Motivated Heart.

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  • Seasonal music

    christms stock music
  • Inspiring corporate

    christmas present
  • Emotive music

    Upbeat stock music

    A royalty free recording with real emotion.

    Listen to the Emotive Spring Morning.

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  • Perfect Corporate track

    Upbeat stock music

    A royalty free recording with real emotion.

    Listen to Inspire Acoustic.

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